At Last

In their summer 98 upgrade, Webtv caused their 400,000 subscribers to breathe a collective sigh of relief by adding cut, copy and paste capability.

This feature allows the webtv user to highlight a single letter, word, line or block of text and suck it up into webtv's little tiny memory. Then, by pasting, to place that text somewhere else.


Choose Your Words Carefully

You can choose which text you want to CUT or COPY by HIGHLIGHTING it.

HIGHLIGHT text by using your arrow keys to place the cursor at the start of the text you want to highlight. Now hold the shift key down and use the arrow keys to move the cursor in the direction of the text you are highlighting. You'll notice that it highlights in a gray shade.

If you want to highlight everything, hold down the CMD key and simultaneously press the A key.

Practice Highlighting text in the box below, then scroll down to the next section.


Copy It

When you copy, you're actually placing a duplicate of whatever text you highlight into your webtv unit's memory. It'll stay there until you cut or copy something new or shut off your webtv. You can paste it as many times as you wish.

COPY by highlighting your desired text and pressing CMD and C simultaneously. (That means at the same time!)

Practice below, then scroll down.



Cutting will remove the highlighted text. Basically you're erasing it from the page at the same time you're adding the text to your memory. This is real helpful when you want to move blocks of text from one part of the page to another.

Cut by highlighting text and pressing CMD and V.



We've already done a little pasting in the previous sections, but just to refresh your memory, PASTE by placing your cursor at the exact point you want your text to appear, then press CMD and V at the same time.